Box Office Xpress Junior UAC Issues
Problems with errors and expired trial notices caused by insufficient Windows privileges

If you are using a version of Windows that uses UAC (User Access Control), such as Vista, or Windows 7, then you need to run the program as an administrator.

Note:  Just having a regular administrator account may not be sufficient. 


Steps to Setting the Program File Correctly

1.  Using Windows Explorer, locate the BOX Jr 4 program file. This is typically located in ... C:\Program Files\Box Office Xpress Junior 4

2.  Right-click on the file and select Properties.

3.  In the Compatibility tab, select the check box Run this program as an administrator.

4.  If other users will be accessing the program, click the Show settings for all users button.

4a.  Select the Run this program as an administrator check box here as well.

4b. Click the OK button.

5.  Click the OK button.


Other Causes of Expired Trial Notice
(unrelated to UAC)

The trial period normally lasts a very long time. If you see an unexpected trial expiration notice that is not caused by UAC, another known cause would be if you uninstalled and then re-installed the program. If this is the case, then you will need to try the program on another computer, or order the program.


Other causes of expired trial notices are ... entering the registration information incorrectly, or (obviously) not registering the program before the trial period has ended.


We cannot extend a trial period. It's already set at more than enough time to fully evaluate the program.