Box Office Xpress Junior ~ Upgrade Info for Existing Customers


You may, or may not, want to perform an upgrade until after your season is over. This is because, the new version needs to be treated like a brand new program, as opposed to a typical update. See below for specifics...






Updating Data


Running Both Versions

If you don't have a clear end-of-season, or if you just wish to start using the new version right away before your season ends, you can operate both programs at the same time.

 For example, you can continue to sell tickets for events already in your previous version and, in the new version, you can set up new events and start selling tickets for them.

Note that, when doing this, any changes made to customer addresses in the old version will not appear in the new version.

Also,  sales information, such as Daily Sales reports, will need to be generated from both programs with the totals added together.