Thermal Ticket Printers - Boca

The Boca Lemur line is available in a regular sized model (Lemur), a model that holds ticket stock internally (Lemur-S), and a model that is designed for light duty use such as a small community theatre (Lemur-C).

Important:  In order to purchase Boca or Practical Automation printers from us, you must either be a Box Office Xpress customer, or a user of an unsupported (discontinued) ticketing software program, or your ticketing software vendor does not sell ticket printers and asked you to buy them somewhere else. For the latter, we will first verify this with your software vendor before providing a quote. DO NOT contact us if you do not meet these qualifications.


External fed tickets

Size:  7.7 H x 7.3 W x 8.5 L
Weight:  8 lbs

Hopper included with cutter option  Optional vertical counter mount 3


Internal ticket storage

Size:  11.3 H x 9.0 W x 15 L
Weight:  9 lbs

Hopper included with cutter option


Light duty 1

Size:  6.5 H x 6.6 W x 6.7 L
Weight:  3.4 lbs


All Lemur ticket printers

Energy Star




Tickets fed externally

$ 1000

$ 1350


Internal ticket storage

$ 1250

$ 1650


Light Duty - Limited options*

$   600

$   870







CDN$ 2

LED Display


$ 150

$ 180

Cutter 1

Includes hopper

$ 300

$ 360

Top plate 3

No charge with cutter option

$  48

$  60

Width under 2"


$  48

$  60

4" Width


$  96

$ 115

FGL46 option 4

Includes expansion memory

$ 192

$ 230



$  96

$ 115


Disables serial interface

$ 128

$ 155


Disables serial interface

$ 256

$ 310
Printer cable $  25 $  30


Choice of 200dpi or 300dpi

$   0

$   0

1 Notes on Lemur-C
  - Suited for small community theatres
  - 200dpi only
  - Desktop configuration only
  - LCD Display not available
  - Half the speed of regular Lemur model
  - 2-4" width not available
  - Cutter is only $200 (US) extra

2 CDN$ pricing
fluctuates periodically and, therefore, may not be current. The above pricing is an approximation and accounts for exchange rate, brokerage, other cross-border fees and freight to our office. To get an accurate quote on ticket printers only, go here.

3 Vertical Counter Mount
The Lemur and Lemur-S can be configured so that they can be mounted under the counter (be sure to order the Vertical configuration, as opposed to the default Desktop configuration). The Top Plate option is used so that the mount is flush with the counter top and tickets are extruded upwards. It is best to have the Cutter option when ordering this configuration.

4 FGL 26 and FGL 46 features
BOCA ticket printers are offered with a choice of two levels of electronics. The basic level is called FGL 26 and the enhanced level is called FGL 46. The FGL 46 option provides the user with a number of additional features including increased print speed, extra flash memory, PCX graphics compatibility, and a broader selection of built-in ticket layouts (in Box Office Xpress).

General Information

Canadian customers, get a quote to confirm current pricing.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Printer cables are not included (see above pricing).
Shipping & handling is extra.
Printers are built-to-order, therefore....
  - Delivery typically takes about 3-6 weeks in the US and 4-7 weeks in Canada. Allow an extra couple of weeks if ordering in late May to early July, due to plant closure.
  - Payment is required in advance.