Ticket Text Centering Tool

You may notice that, over time, or even on some new ticket printers, the ticket's text doesn't appear perfectly centered. This can be a problem with the optical sensors, which can shift over time. Or, it can be attributed to the internal margin settings of the printer.

If text on your ticket is a little out of alignment, you can shift it horizontally and vertically using Nudge. This tool makes a change directly to the ticket printer's internal settings which will allow you to center the overall printed text on the ticket.

Note: This tool only works with Practical Automation printers.

Download the file to your computer. Then, double click on the file to run Nudge. Reference the instructions below.

Download Nudge


If your tickets are currently printing to close to one or two of the edges (ex; too far left and/or too close to the top), then this program will essentially tell the printer to change its left and top margins. This is most likely a one-time adjustment and you will likely never need to use this program again.

In the future, if you notice that the ticket continues to print too far left or right, and if this program isn't able to adequately correct the left to right centering, then you will need to manually adjust the printer's optical sensors. See the printer manual for instructions on how to do this.

Instructions for Use

Everything in this small program's window is clearly labeled as to it's purpose. The following is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Turn on your printer and make sure it is connected to the computer.

  2. Run Box Office Xpress (Junior) and go into the Ticket Setup window (from the Configuration screen in BOX Jr).

  3. Nudge must be run from the computer to which the printer is directly connected. Run the program.

  4. Select the port that your printer is connected to. This is the same port that is listed in the Box Office Xpress Ticket Setup window.

  5. First, assume that the default settings that appear in the horizontal and vertical text boxes may work. So don't change them.

  6. Click the Set button.

  7. From Box Office Xpress (Junior), click the Print Sample button.

  8. Examine the ticket. If the printout is too far left or right, enter a new value into the Horizontal field. If the printout is too far up or down, enter a new value into the Vertical field.

  9. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you are content with the centering of the text.

  10. When you are done, if you wish, you can delete the Nudge program file.