Thermal Ticket Printer - Repair & Print Head Cleaners


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Presaturated Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

If you are finding that the output quality from your thermal ticket printer may not be as good as it once was, now may be a good time to consider stocking up on some print head cleaning cards for your thermal ticket printer.

TIP: These cleaning cards also do a great job of cleaning in-between the keys on your keyboard.

Presaturated Thermal Printer Cleaning Card: $3.50 each

S&H (sent via express courier): $25 within US / $15 within Canada / International orders - please contact us for pricing

Since the shipping cost doesn't change, regardless of how many cleaner cards you order, consider stocking up by getting a few extra.

How To Order Your Cleaning Cards

Please e-mail us with your company information and how many cards you would like. We will then send you an invoice that you can pay online. Alternately, you may call us with your order.