Ticket Printers - Questions

Ticket printers are built to order, and selecting the correct configuration to match your needs, as well as that of the ticketing program, requires some guidance. To assist in selecting the appropriate printer for your needs, the following questions have been provided. Please fill out the form and Submit it, and we will advise you on which printer configuration(s) best match your requirements.

Note that printers generally cost between $1000 and $1900 a piece (and more). When answering these questions, keep in mind that ... the more features, the higher the price.

Important:  In order to purchase Boca or Practical Automation printers from us, you must either be a Box Office Xpress customer, or a user of an unsupported (discontinued) ticketing software program, or your ticketing software vendor does not sell ticket printers and asked you to buy them somewhere else. For the latter, we will first verify this with your software vendor before providing a quote. DO NOT contact us if you do not meet these qualifications.

If your ticketing software is not Box Office Xpress, Box Office Xpress Junior or Admitix, please contact your ticketing software vendor before filling out this form (unless they are out of business).

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Some printers only allow a certain width of ticket, which you must pre-select. Is this OK, or do you want to have the ability to change the width?

Fixed width
Variable width

The program comes preconfigured to support 2" wide by 5.5" long ticket stock (considered the most common industry standard). Other sizes are available if you wish them customized. Is 2" wide by 5.5" long OK?

Yes No

If 'No', please specify ticket size (width x length):

All printers are available in 200dpi, which produces good quality text. But some are now available in 300dpi, which provides a slightly better quality printout. However, 300dpi requires a better grade of ticket stock and prints slightly slower than 200dpi (considering 200dpi prints at about 1 ticket per second, "slightly slower" is relatively insignificant). Which would you prefer?

Doesn't matter

Some printers allow you to store the ticket stock inside the printer and lock the cabinet (although the lock is a minor deterrent at best). This slightly cuts down on the number of available printer models to choose from. Is storing the ticket stock inside the printer a "must have" feature?

Yes No

Some printers have ticket cutters so that you don't have to tear the tickets off after they have printed (all tickets have perforations for tearing). Cutters increase the cost by at least $700, depending on the make and model of printer, but can make it easier and more efficient for the workers (although many are quite content with tear-off printers). Do you require a ticket cutter?

Yes No

Printers are designed two ways. A desktop unit sits on the counter. A vertical unit is designed to be built into the counter so that it is flush with the surface of the counter. Do you require a desktop or a vertical unit?


Although all ticket printers are "portable", some a very small and can be carried in one hand. Is this extreme portability important to you?

Yes No

You can have one of three connections ... Parallel, Serial or USB. Serial takes a touch longer (about 1 extra second per ticket sale) than Parallel. And USB is about the same speed as Parallel. So these latter two are considered the optimum interface. The question to ask first is, "Is anything else connected to my computer"? For example, a credit card machine or a receipt printer may already be connected to your Serial port. A sheet fed printer (laser or ink jet) may already be connected to your parallel port (although most modern sheet fed printers now have a USB connection). If you are uncertain, the safest path would be USB, as you can always add more USB hubs if you run our of USB ports on your computer.


Note: A few printer models allow two ports. If you need two, please state which ones you require in the comments field, below.

If the printer is going to be printing tickets constantly throughout each day, then you will need a heavy duty printer (typically for a large theater or very busy venue). Otherwise, if your printing is more sporadic, with only occasional periods of constant use (such as just before an Event), then your use is considered more light to moderate. What type of usage will the printer see?

Light to Moderate

Are there any other special features that you may be looking for, or do you have any comments on the above features?

This form is intended to be used in conjunction with the software quote form or the printer quote form. If you submit this form only, we will just provide a model recommendation and price.

 Note: Did you read the Important Notice at the top of this page?

Note that there is a list of ticket stock suppliers on our web site. We don't supply ticket stock because you should deal directly with the manufacturer, especially if you are adding logos, advertising or other back printing. Be sure to make note of the additional information required when ordering ticket stock.