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 Box Office Xpress Junior
 - Full version -
(for new customers)
License Type:
 Box Office Xpress Junior
 - Upgrade to version 4 -
(existing customers only)
Upgrade to version 4 (same license type): $900
 Box Office Xpress Junior
 - Upgrade to
multi-user -
(existing customers only)

This is an upgrade from an existing single user license to a site (multi-user/network) license, within the same version.
Upgrade to site license (same version): $900
This is not a version upgrade
 Box Office Xpress Junior
 - Upgrade to
version 4 -
 - Upgrade to
site -
(existing customers only)

This is to upgrade a previous version single-user license to a new version site (multi-user/network) license.
Upgrade to version 4 & to site license: $1800


Corporate Consultants ( Box Office Xpress ) expresses all prices in US currency.
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